Hey! Thanks for stopping by. We are Levi and Nicole, a 30-something couple from the Midwestern part of the United States now living in Tucson, Arizona.

We did everything we were “supposed” to do. Went to college, got “normal” jobs, and bought a house.

For all intents and purposes, we were what our society considers successful. 

Everyone was happy with our life…except us.

The “American Dream” was a nightmare for us. We ended up with an assload of student loan debt and jobs that ran us ragged.

The “great investment” of a house wasn’t a great investment at all, and we were stuck in a place we didn’t love for 13 years while we waited for the housing market to rebound.

We were bored. We weren’t growing or experiencing new things or people. We were sick of humid, hot summers and tired of long, cold winters.

Shoveling snow, mowing grass, commuting to and from cubicles, and constantly fixing and cleaning things in our 80-year-old house was not how we wanted to spend our time. 

We wanted to live in a place where we could be more active, see beautiful scenery every day, enjoy nature, experience other cultures, and appreciate new food. And we didn’t want to wait until we were too old to enjoy it.

We sold our house and ditched our clutter and are currently enjoying living more with less in a class A motorhome we’ve named “The Diesel Apartment.” 

In late 2020, we added an Intech Flyer Chase to our family so we can go places the class A motorhome can’t take us. We tow it with our Jeep Wrangler and take it out every weekend we can.

This blog is where we share the things we learn about small space living and the stuff we do, see, and eat in the American Southwest.

We’re not special, and we’re not rich. We’re just regular people who worked hard for many years to achieve our dream, and we’re now living it.  We share our stories here because we want to encourage you to go out and build the life you want before it’s too late, and life passes you by.

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