5 Things to Do Near Tucson for Nature Lovers

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If you’ve never visited Tucson, images of Arizona’s biggest city, Phoenix, may come to mind. But while Tucson has its share of concrete and urban sprawl just like Phoenix, we tend to invite the desert in rather than pave and irrigate it away.

In Tucson, most of us live in harmony with and welcome the local wildlife. It’s not uncommon to have javelina after your trash cans, bobcats in your backyard, or a coyote and owl chorus waking you up at night.

Today we’ve rounded up a list of five things for nature lovers to do in Tucson, and we tried focusing on some of the lesser-known areas you won’t find in travel guides. Although we couldn’t resist throwing in Mt. Lemmon, which is well-known but just too packed with value for nature lovers to leave out of the list.

Keep reading below to learn about a few must-see wildlife spots in and near Tucson from a couple of locals!

If you’re a nature lover visiting Tucson, we hope this post gave you a couple of ideas for places off the normal, popular paths to visit and enjoy. We hope you love them as much as we do!

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