5 Things We Don’t Want to Live Without in Our Outdoor Camp Kitchen Setup

Living in a motorhome affords you many conveniences. Sadly, space ain’t one of them. So when we started looking for a small trailer to pull behind our Jeep, we knew it had to be multipurpose.

Not only did we want to use a trailer for camping, we wanted the option of using it as a utility trailer as well. We also liked the idea of being able to back the trailer up to nice scenery and not lose the view to a rear kitchen. Oh, and there’s that whole business of needing to use it as a place to store our camping stuff, too.

Traditional teardrop trailers usually have a galley in the back. That’s handy when you camp a lot in cold, wet places because it keeps all your kitchen gear safe from the elements. Since the weather in Arizona is favorable 99.98% of the time, a wet kitchen wasn’t a big concern for us.

We ended up with an Intech Chase Flyer squaredrop trailer with doors on the back and decided to go with an outdoor kitchen. Since the kitchen would be exposed to sun and desert critters, we knew we needed to find camping gadgets that would stand up to abuse.

InTech Flyer Chase Camp Kitchen Setup

Our camp kitchen is made up of 5 main pieces:

  1. Propane camping stove
  2. Folding camp table
  3. A stackable toolbox with wheels
  4. Waterproof food box
  5. 12-volt refrigerator

Keep reading below for photos of our kitchen in action, more details on the gear we chose, and a video walkthrough of our outdoor camp kitchen.

That’s pretty much it for our current outdoor camp kitchen setup. Every time we go camping, we learn a little more and get a bit more organized. So the camp kitchen is sure to evolve and change as we do.

We hope this post and the video walkthrough gives you some ideas for your outdoor camp kitchen setup. If you know of a cool piece of camping kit you think would fit well with our setup, let us know!

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