coddle toggle couch replacement in a motorhome

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We found the used motorhome that would become The Diesel Apartment on a farm slash RV dealership in the middle of Ohio. The previous owner kept the original furniture, and the RV dealership played motorhome furniture roulette to sell it.

We were going to yeet a few pieces of furniture from our house in the motorhome, so not having the original furniture didn’t bugger us. 

A dated leaf table sat where a dinette had originally been. It eventually got whisked off to a thrift store. The other item the RV dealership put in our motorhome, and the antihero of our story today, was a bisque-y beige sleeper sofa.

A thing of beauty? Nah. A stalwart companion that mostly got the job done? You betcha. We used that beast on the daily until it fell apart 3 years later.

And so began our quest to replace the couch in our motorhome.

motorhome furniture slides closed
Our original furniture setup with the slides closed

One of us snores and the other wakes up every time a mouse farts, so separate sleeping quarters are a must. We’d been taking turns sleeping on the sofa, and not only was the coating flaking off, but the mattress was wearing out and the support bar was making its presence known to our backs as well.

We were eyeing a sleeper sofa from IKEA, but the supply chain shortages of the pandemic kept it out of stock. After a year of waiting, we began researching other options.

We purchased a couchbed for our adventure trailer, and it worked out so well we considered purchasing another one for the motorhome.

Unfortunately, that company has also been out of stock on everything for many months. We reached out to them and they said they hope to have stock again, but couldn’t provide us with any sort of timeline. And my back needed a timeline.

The space we had to work with

Buying a couch for an RV is a bit of an adventure. Not only does it have to fit the space you’ve got, but it also has to fit through the front door.

Our motorhome has two 10-foot slides. One slide is the kitchen, and the other is an office slash living room. We needed to fit a desk, coffee table, and a couch in one 10-foot space, so a couch over 80 inches wide was a no-go. 

That ruled out a lot of available and affordable options. Because we also had the additional challenge of needing something that came in pieces that would fit through the door of the motorhome, ordering from a traditional furniture store was proving to be a real biatch.

motorhome sleeper sofa finish flaking
The “a little less than cash money” condition of our old motorhome sleeper sofa.

How the Coddle Toggle works and how much it costs

After a few less than fruitful Google searches where the couches we found weren’t sleepers, they were way out of our budget, or they wouldn’t fit the space we had, we happened across a YouTube video for the Coddle Toggle couch

The Coddle Toggle is a convertible sleeper sofa with independently adjustable arms and backrests. It comes with an optional mattress pad that feels as comfortable as a “real” bed, and it folds up nicely for easy storage. 

One feature the Toggle has that we love is built-in power outlets with 120v plugs and USB-A ports. You wouldn’t believe how convenient it is to plug things into your couch!

coddle toggle charging ports
Chargin’ mah lazers

At the time I’m writing this, the Toggle comes in 7 different colors and two different finishes. We ended up with a Toggle in smoke suede. It’s easy to clean and has held up to our shenanigans. And the shenanigans of a dog who visits from time to time. (I’m of the belief that furniture looks better with animal hair on it.) 

Its usual price is $1400, but we caught it on sale for $1050 with free shipping. 

Dimensions and details from the Coddle website:

Sofa size:  78.7″L  x  40.9″W  x  38.2″H

Seat height: 19″

Seat depth: 20.1″

Bed: 78.7″L (81.5″ leg to leg) x 48.8″W x 20.86″H

Package dimensions: 81.5″L x 51.2″W x 15.2″H

Weight: 138 lbs

Weight capacity: 500lbs

Weight with packaging: 188 lbs

Power: 92.5″L x 1 power outlet and x 2pcs USB outlet on both sides of the sofa

Delivery experience

Coddle worked with a delivery company in our area, and we had our couch in less than a week. We scheduled a delivery window, and the couch showed up two hours early.

The always helpful RV park staff helped the big box truck find our site, and we were suddenly the proud owners of a phat flat box.

coddle toggle couch delivered
The box the Coddle Toggle couch was delivered in. With Jeep for scale. Also because I have nowhere else to park it.

Inside the big ole box were two pieces – the couch frame and the cushion.

We opted out of the setup service for an additional $100, as setting up the couch was as easy as hauling the box through the door, muttering a few obscenities, and putting the couch on its base.

How it’s going after a few months

We’ve now had the Coddle Toggle for a few months, and we couldn’t be happier. It’s an attractive, comfortable, functional couch that was well worth the investment. Overall, the Coddle Toggle is the best motorhome sleeper sofa we’ve been able to find. In fact, just like every other thing we’ve replaced in our motorhome, we’re not sure how we survived with the craptastic sleeper couch the RV came with for so long.

We’re not affiliated with Coddle in any way. We’re just really happy customers looking to share a good experience with fellow RVers who may be out there searching for sleeper sofa options.

If you’re looking for a couch for your RV, we can’t recommend Coddle enough. Everything about the process from ordering to delivery to set up was top-notch, and we’re thrilled with the couch so far.

Oh, and the most important part? It’s doggo approved.

bud the dog enjoying the best motorhome sleeper sofa

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