Featured Photo: Monsoon Lightning in Tucson

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2020 was the second driest monsoon on record for Tucson, so we have a little catching up to do on all things wet and wild.

We love going out on the state trust land where we live to view storms and sunsets. This week, we got caught up on lightning photography as a monsoon thunderstorm went just far south of us enough to keep us dry but give us a light show.

Wet cameras would be no bueno, after all.

Our Nikon D500 and Miops trigger put in some work, as this storm spat out lightning bolt after lightning bolt. Some bolts were so bright they blew out the entire frame!

This storm was a nice surprise, as the last few have had flashy lightning and not bolty lightning, which is a bit harder to photograph.

We’re so thankful for the wet July we’ve had, and we hope to see this rainfall pattern continue over the rest of the summer.

monsoon lightning over tucson arizona
Monsoon thunderstorm rolling over Sahuarita, Arizona. This photo was taken from southeast Tucson.
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