squaredrop outdoor camp kitchen setup

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Living in a motorhome affords you many conveniences. Sadly, space ain’t one of them. So when we started looking for a small trailer to pull behind our Jeep, we knew it had to be multipurpose.

Not only did we want to use a trailer for camping, we wanted the option of using it as a utility trailer. We also liked the idea of being able to back the trailer up to nice scenery and not lose the view to a rear kitchen.

Oh, and there’s that whole business of needing to use it as a place to store our camping stuff, too.

Traditional teardrop trailers usually have a galley in the back. That’s handy when you camp a lot in cold, wet places because it keeps all your kitchen gear safe from the elements. Since the weather in Arizona is favorable 99.98% of the time, a wet kitchen wasn’t a big concern for us.

We ended up with an Intech Chase Flyer squaredrop trailer with doors on the back and went with an outdoor camp kitchen setup. Since the kitchen would be exposed to sun and desert critters, we knew we needed to find camping gadgets that would stand up to abuse.

InTech Flyer Chase Camp Kitchen Setup

Our camp kitchen is made up of 5 pieces:

  1. Propane camping stove
  2. Folding camp table
  3. A stackable toolbox with wheels
  4. Waterproof food box
  5. 12-volt refrigerator

Keep reading below for photos of our kitchen in action, more details on the gear we chose, and a video walkthrough of our outdoor camp kitchen.

Stansport Propane Camp Stove

We love this camp stove because it’s tough and works darn near flawlessly in challenging conditions. It boils water in a hurry, the built-in igniter is handy, and the removable grates make cleanup easy.

We chose this 3 burner stove for its mega-BTU output. The two outside burners are oversized 25,000 B.T.U., and the center burner is 10,000 B.T.U.

The individual windscreens keep the flame going when the weather isn’t cooperating, and the high altitude pressure regulator is nice when we’re camping in the mountains.

Stansport 3-Burner Propane Stove

We love that this camp stove has two 25,000 BTU burners and a smaller 10,000 BTU burner in the middle. It boils water in a hurry, and wind never seems to bother it much.

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05/08/2024 12:07 am GMT

GCI Outdoor Folding Cook Table

This folding cook table holds our water cube and propane stove without breaking a sweat. We love the cup holders, shelves, and built-in sink. The handle on the side makes loading it in and out of the trailer a snap.

We chose this table because it has a good amount of storage, it’s conveniently laid out, the lantern pole works great for cooking after dark, and it holds a lot of weight without being unstable.

GCI Outdoor Master Cook Station, Portable Camp Kitchen Table

This camp table folds up flat and features a sink for hand and dish washing. We love the stove stand and lantern hanger!

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05/14/2024 01:25 am GMT

RIDGID Stackable Toolbox

This RIDGID toolbox holds all of our kitchen gear and does a great job of keeping it organized and safe.

The heavy-duty wheels take a beating and keep on going. We love the customizable storage bins and the additional accessories you can add to the stack of boxes.

RIDGID PRO Gear Modular Tool Storage System (3-Piece)

Keeping our camp kitchen utensils has been a lot easier with this stackable toolbox system. We love the sturdiness of each compartment, and the various organization bins are convenient.

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Waterproof Storage Box

This storage bin keeps our camping food organized and safe from critters, water, and dust.

The snapping lid makes sure what’s outside the box stays there, and the sturdy plastic keeps food safe when the food box inevitably goes flying off the shelf in the trailer.

With this storage box, the only thing we have to worry about food-wise in our outdoor camp kitchen setup is…eating!

Ezy Storage 52.8qt Ip67 Waterproof Storage Box

This storage box keeps our camping food safe from rain and animals. It seals up tight, and the size is just right for the shelf in our teardrop trailer.

Get one at Target

Setpower 12-volt Refrigerator

SetPower 12 volt refrigerators offer the convenience of having mobile food refrigeration without emptying your bank account. We have really nice coolers that keep ice for days on end, and saw no need to spend $900 on a 12-volt refrigerator.

We caught this fridge on sale and we’re now 12-volt refrigerator converts. No more remembering to get ice at the store before a camping trip or struggling to keep food from being flooded in a cooler for us!

Setpower FC15 Portable Refrigerator

This 12-volt refrigerator has enough room for all our food and drinks, and still fits in our teardrop trailer when we store our outdoor camp kitchen setup.

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05/14/2024 02:00 am GMT

That’s pretty much it for our current outdoor camp kitchen setup. Every time we go camping, we learn a little more and get a bit more organized. So the camp kitchen will evolve and change as we do.

We hope this post and the video walkthrough gives you some ideas for your outdoor camp kitchen setup. If you know of a cool piece of camping kit you think would fit well with our setup, let us know!

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