Fun in the Desert Rain: Quick Drive Down Redington Pass in Tucson Arizona

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When it rains, we desert dwellers don’t stay home. We can’t resist going on a wet adventure!

In the last week of July 2021, Tucson experienced record-breaking rain. The small town we live near on the southeast side of Tucson got over 9″ of rain in just a couple of days! 🤯

When we get a lot of rain in the desert, dry river beds called washes start filling up with water and flowing over roads. Flowers bloom, the landscape gets greener, and the fresh smell of creosote punches you in the face.

We used our Saturday to head up Redington Road for a little off-highway fun.

Redington Road just northeast of Tucson, Arizona is a former stagecoach route through the Rincón Mountains turned popular recreational area.

With several hiking trails, dispersed camping spots, waterfalls, and endless opportunities to explore, there’s something for everyone in Redington Pass.

On this visit, we drove about 2 miles up Redington Road to the first overlook to enjoy some fun in the desert rain.

PLAYING IN THE DESERT RAIN: Quick Drive Down Redington Pass in Tucson, Arizona
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