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Many of us know the feeling of being cooped up in a stuffy office all day, wishing we could work just about anywhere else. Thankfully, with remote jobs becoming more acceptable, it’s easier than ever to work remotely from an RV.

If you want a nomadic lifestyle or just need a break from the typical office setting, having a work from RV setup is a freeing experience. It comes with some challenges, but with the right tools you can escape death-by-cubicle.

Today we’ll cover 6 tools that can help make your remote working experience easier and more productive.

The Best Tools for Working from an RV

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Blue Yeti Snowball Microphone

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Synology Diskstation

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Doxie Go Portable Document Scanner

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Sony WH-1000XM4 Headphones

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Samsung Curved Monitor

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Logitech Lift Mouse

Tool #1: Blue Yeti Snowball Microphone

The Blue Yeti Snowball provides clear audio while minimizing background noise. It’s not as expensive as its counterparts, but still delivers quality sound with every use. We use it for conference calls and for recording voiceovers for our YouTube videos.

It features a plug-and-play setup, so it’s easy to install on any operating system. And its compact size makes it easy to fold up and take with you wherever you want to work.

Plus, it looks cool and the design makes an interesting addition to any home office setup. Add this microphone to your remote office toolbox, and you’ll never have difficulty being heard.

Tool #2: Synology Diskstation

This NAS (network attached storage) has been a game changer for our electronic file storage. Our computers automatically sync and backup to the cloud storage and we never worry about losing documents or photos.

We use the 2-bay Diskstation to share files between our laptops and phones. With its remote file features, you can easily download, upload and share documents without having to run cables or connect directly to a computer.

The Synology has security features like encryption, password protection and two-factor authentication that keep your data safe. It also features hot-swappable drives so you can add additional space whenever you need it.

The intuitive user interface makes it easy for even tech-phobic users to set up the disk station and start storing their important documents within minutes.

Tool #3: Doxie Go Portable Document Scanner

We love having a paperless office, and this small scanner is nice to have on hand for digitizing documents.

This small scanner is light enough to take with you on the road, but powerful enough to get the job done quickly.

The user-friendly software lets you scan documents of various sizes and save them as searchable PDF files for easy organization and archiving.

In addition, the Doxie Go scanner is compatible with MacOS and Windows computers with no additional drivers or software downloads.

6 outstanding tools that help us work remotely form our rv

Tool #4: Sony WH-1000XM4 Headphones

With comfortable earpads and a flexible headband, these headphones are great for long conference calls. The excellent noise cancellation lets you focus on your work without background interference.

They have a microphone that filters out background noise, so you’ll be heard clearly on calls. Also, the headphones fold down into a carrying case that makes storage convenient and easy.

They have Bluetooth connectivity so you can easily connect to your laptop or other devices. With their long battery life, these headphones are great for extended days in your RV office.

Tool #5: Samsung Curved Monitor

If you’ve spent any time in an RV, you know they’re ALL WINDOWS and it can feel like being in a fishbowl.

That’s why we love our Samsung curved monitor. Its design fits nicely on our desk and helps reduce glare, making it easier to stay focused on our work.

We also appreciate its built-in menus with additional brightness settings that allow us to adjust the display to suit our environment.

It offers a great speed response rate that keeps up with even the most demanding tasks, allowing for smooth visuals as we get our work done.

This monitor is an excellent choice if you need a reliable display without glare. With its intuitive controls, it’s no wonder this curved monitor continues to be one of our top tools for working remotely from our motorhome.

Tool #6: Logitech Lift Mouse

This mouse keeps your hand in a comfortable position no matter where you’re working. Its Bluetooth connection helps you stay productive from anywhere without having to worry about a tangle of wires getting in your way.

As a bonus, this mouse also features two customizable buttons that you can use for quickly switching between applications or performing frequently used functions with one click.

With the Logitech Lift mouse, you’ll get all the comfort of an ergonomic mouse plus the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity.

With These Tools, You Can Work Remotely from an RV

Working from a non-traditional office has its challenges. But it offers flexibility that traditional work environments can’t touch. Creating a home office in your RV is a great way to explore your country while being able to make a living.

We find the tools we talked about today essential for working remotely from our motorhome. From creating a paperless office to making virtual meetings more enjoyable, we hope you’ll find these tools helpful.

Want more information on how to work remotely from an RV? Check out our guide on setting up a sustainable and functional RV office.

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