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Arizona-based adventurers living in a motorhome and exploring in a teardrop trailer

Hi, we’re Levi and Nicole. We’re on a mission to help you find the best places to camp and explore in the American southwest.

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planetary design ovrlndr french press and coffee beans

The Best French Press for Camping (Planetary Design Ovrlndr Review & Comparison)

There’s nothing like a relaxing morning at camp with a hot beverage. But making coffee while camping can be frustrating, as it’s hard to control the variables that go into making a good brewed drink in the field. Cleaning filter parts with limited water is a hassle, and disposing of used coffee grounds can be tricky. If you want the freshest camp brew without spending time and effort on setup…
jeep front

A Surprise Arizona Snow Day Adventure on Box Canyon Road Through the Santa Rita Mountains

Every cell in my sentient meat sack wanted to stay home. By Arizona standards, the weather was fugly.  In the distance, clouds formed an opaque wall in front of my usually fantastic view. The steady rain began spitting out large snowflakes intermittently to let us know this storm meant business. Thinking back to people who told me I’d miss seasons when I moved to Arizona, I laughed. I’d left the…
visit ajo arizona

What’s Drawing People Ajo, Arizona, a Desert Mining Town No One’s Ever Heard Of?

Ajo is a community finding new ways to thrive using its history to fuel a creative future. It’s quietly becoming a must-visit spot for anyone who appreciates history, culture, and the rugged, honest character of Arizona’s beautiful desert landscape. I love old, dusty desert towns.  Most people see derelict structures, sun-leached colors, and places with their best days behind them.  But I find despair in manicured lawns and cookie-cutter cul-de-sacs….
must see in tucson drive up the scenic catalina highway 1

From Desert Sands to Alpine Lands on Tucson’s Catalina Highway

Each turn on the Catalina Highway showcases southern Arizona’s dynamic landscape. From towering cacti to alpine forests, it weaves a path through not only diverse ecosystems and amazing rock formations but a dark past as well. Carved through the mountains near Tucson, Arizona, the Catalina Highway is a marvel of human effort. And its history is as varied as the landscapes it travels through. The 28-mile scenic drive begins at…