man and woman standing in front of a pink jeep by red rocks

Hi! We’re Levi and Nicole.

Two millennials from the Midwest (USA) living in a class A motorhome in Tucson, Arizona. We sold the house people told us we should want to have in the place people told us we should want to be and built a life on our terms.

This is our website where we write about small space and simplified living. We write for millennials because that’s where our experience is. But if our content resonates with you, we welcome people of all ages.

sights in southern arizona: whitewater draw wildlife area

Sights in Southern Arizona: Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area

Levi and I are both photography nerds. We have several cameras, a lot of lenses, and a variety of other camera-related accessories.

However, after 15 or so years of taking photos in Indiana, we were bored and uninspired with our surroundings.