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jeep wrangler with an overlanding trailer camping in the mountains

5 Things We Learned On Our First Overlanding Camping Trip

When we bought our InTech Flyer Chase trailer, we planned our first trip in it for Christmas Eve.  We wanted to camp in a close enough place to home that we could pack up and come back if we screwed up really bad, but out enough to get some time …

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5 things to do near tucson for nature lovers

5 Things to Do Near Tucson for Nature Lovers

If you’ve never visited Tucson, images of Arizona’s biggest city, Phoenix, may come to mind. But while Tucson has its share of concrete and urban sprawl just like Phoenix, we tend to invite the desert in rather than pave and irrigate it away. In Tucson, most of us live in …

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fun and free in tucson agua caliente park

Fun and Free in Tucson: Agua Caliente Park

Tucked in a corner on Tucson’s northeast side, there’s a 100-acre, hidden desert oasis where you can see mountains, snow, water, palm trees, and much more. Agua Caliente Park has a rich history of human activity dating back over 5,000 years. It has been many things throughout its lifetime, from …

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