man and woman standing in front of a pink jeep by red rocks

Hi! We’re Levi and Nicole

We create content that helps you find the best places to camp and explore in the American southwest

How We Got Here

After doing everything you’re “supposed” to do: going to college, getting “normal” jobs, and buying a house, we were “successful.” Everyone was thrilled with our life.

Except us! Whenever we did what other people wanted, we ended up miserable.

Letting people push us into the generic life script was the worst mistake we ever made. For 13 years, we were stuck in a place we didn’t love while we waited for the housing market to rebound. We ended up in debt and commuting two hours a day to cubicle jobs that ran us ragged.

We weren’t growing or experiencing new things or people. Sick of mosquito-y, tornado siren-blaring summers and tired of long, cold winters. 

Shoveling snow, mowing grass, commuting to and from cubicles, and fixing and cleaning things in our 80-year-old house was not how we wanted to spend our time. 

We wanted to live in a place where we could be more active, see beautiful scenery every day, enjoy nature, experience other cultures, and appreciate new food. And we didn’t want to wait until we were too old to enjoy it.

In 2017, we sold our house in Indiana, moved to southern Arizona, and never looked back. We’re regular people who worked hard for years, and now we’re living more with less in a motorhome we named The Diesel Apartment. 

Our Rigs

motorhome copy

2006 Fleetwood Discovery Motorhome

Home base! We live stationary in an RV park in Tucson in The Diesel Apartment. She’s not Instagram perfect, but she’s home and we love her more than we ever loved our house.

intech flyer chase ironwood forest national monument

2020 InTech Flyer Chase Trailer

There’s only so many places a 39-foot motorhome can get you. So in 2020, we added a small adventure trailer to our family. We drag it out with our Jeep every chance we get!