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Follow us on our teardrop trailer camping trips as we share useful tips and our favorite spots. We’ll show you what works, what doesn’t, and how to make the most of your backcountry camping trips.

Motorhome Living

Learn about our life in a stationary motorhome. We share insights on making a motorhome in Tucson our full-time residence, from practical living tips to our experiences in the RV community.

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Discover the diverse landscapes of Arizona with us—from deserts to mountains, we cover it all. We’ll bring you along on our hikes, drives, and all the outdoor activities that make the American southwest special.

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Get to Know Levi and Nicole

  • Arizona-based adventurers living in a motorhome and exploring the backcountry with a Jeep and off-road trailer
  • Helping you find the best places to camp and explore in the American southwest
  • Sharing tips, tricks, and stories to inspire and guide your own adventures

Our Story

We did everything we were supposed to do: went to college, got jobs, and bought a house. Everyone thought we were living the dream.

But we weren’t happy. Living by someone else’s rules wasn’t for us. We spent 13 years feeling stuck in a place we didn’t like, dealing with a long commute, and working in jobs that wore us out.

We were tired of long, cold winters and we spent too much time shoveling snow and fixing things around our old house.

We wanted a different life where we could be outside, see beautiful places every day, and try new things. And we didn’t want to wait until we were too old to enjoy it.

So, in 2017, we sold our house in Indiana, moved to southern Arizona, and started a new life in a motorhome we call The Diesel Apartment. Now, we live simply and love our life of desert adventure.

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