5 tips to stay positive and thrive in the full time rv lifestyle

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When you pick an unconventional path, you’ll probably have more doubters than a flat earther’s TED Talk.

It’s hard to deal with, as we’re often taught to be “nice” and not ruffle feathers. And skepticism is daunting when you’re conditioned to avoid upsetting the status quo.

With five years of RV living and a 1700-mile life pivot in my rear-view mirror, I’ve got enough experience to say I’ve been there, done that, and got the RV park membership to prove it. Along the way, I’ve dealt with my fair share of Debbie Doubters and Critical Chads.

And through these experiences, I’ve learned a few strategies make sure I’m undeterred by negativity.

1 | Stay true to your “why”

Every decision in life starts with a why. What were the motivations that pushed you toward the RV lifestyle?

  • Insatiable wanderlust?
  • A quest for minimalism?
  • A deep desire for freedom?

These reasons are your “why” and will guide you when facing doubters. Whenever you encounter negativity, remind yourself of the adventure and personal growth your lifestyle offers you.

You’re not here to fit into someone else’s cookie cutter. You’re here to build your own.

2 | Establish boundaries

Negative people are hitchhikers you don’t have to pick up.

Blood ties or long-standing friendships don’t grant anyone carte blanche to make unwelcome comments and judgments about your life. It’s important to remember you have the authority to control the narrative.

Hold firm boundaries with those who doubt or criticize your lifestyle choices, and communicate your decisions confidently. It’s okay to say, “I appreciate your concern, but this is my decision and I’m happy with it.”

Protecting your happiness might require regulating your exposure to negativity. And this could mean putting certain people on a low-information diet.

Boundaries are not walls meant to isolate you, but shields to protect your peace. It’s your path, and you get to decide who gets to ride shotgun.

3 | Be an ambassador for your lifestyle

Your lifestyle is a mystery to some, and a few of your critics may just be misinformed. Sometimes knowledge can turn doubters into supporters.

Share information about your lifestyle with people who doubt you, highlighting the benefits and fulfillment it brings you.

This doesn’t have to be limited to one-on-one conversations. Online platforms can help you provide an authentic window into your lifestyle. Share images on Instagram of the cool things you see or write blog posts about the challenges you overcome.

Your enthusiasm and firsthand experiences might even encourage others to step out of their comfort zones.

4 | Engage with like-minded communities

Surrounding yourself with communities of people who understand your lifestyle can help you counter doubt and criticism.

Your fellow nomads can be a strong support system. They’ll remind you that you’re not crazy or the only person choosing freedom over convention.

Here are a few communities to get started with:

  • Instagram: The full-time RV community has a strong presence on Instagram. Look at the hashtags #gorving, #fulltimerv, #rvcommunity, and #rvlifestyle to make connections with other RVers.
  • Reddit: Looking for in-depth discussions or need advice on a specific RV issue? Reddit is the place to go. Check out r/gorving, r/rvliving, and r/fulltiming.
  • YouTube: Many full-time RVers have YouTube channels where they talk about the ups and downs of the lifestyle. Search for “full-time RV” and you’ll find dozens of channels to watch and take part in.

5 | Trust your instincts

You are the expert on what fuels your happiness and nurtures your well-being, and your instincts are your most reliable GPS.

You’re living a lifestyle many people dream about, but only some have the guts to take on. It was a conscious choice guided by your internal compass that led you to reject the ordinary in favor of the extraordinary. This lifestyle might seem unfathomable to many, but it’s the perfect fit for you.

Your instincts pointed you to this adventurous and fulfilling life. Continue to trust in them, and they will steer you toward experiences a stationary life could never offer.

Don’t let naysayers put the brakes on your RV lifestyle. You’re not responsible for managing other people’s feelings about it.

By tuning out negative people like a bad radio signal, you won’t just survive. You’ll thrive!

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